The Environmental Conservation Lab provides learning opportunities both inside and outside the traditional classroom.

We are involved in developing interdisciplinary environmental education programs with a number of resource-dependent communities across Manitoba and Nunavut.  These emphasize the importance of experience-based traditional or local rural knowledge, and often incorporate the physical and life sciences.  Most of these efforts are community-focused and emphasize critical thinking and problem-based learning.

Churchill:  Wildlife and Ethnoecology of the Manitoba Coastal Region

Clearwater: Living Rural Communities and Environments

Panniqtuuq: Summer School on Baffin Island

Regular Courses:

The following courses are offered by Stephane McLachlan, the co-ordinator of ECL:

Envr 3110 - Environmental Conservation and Restoration

Envr 4000 - Shaking the Tree:  Activism, Change, and the Environment

Envr 4000 - Applied Qualitative Research Methods: Making a Difference

Envr 4110 - Critical Thinking and the Environment

Geog 7360 - Research and the Environment